Moon Boot

Shock-absorbing sole reduces the impact of heel-strike during ambulation, minimizing further irritation to the injury site
Low-profile, rocker bottom is specially engineered to help promote a natural, stable gait
Easy-to-use, hook and loop straps are adjustable to fit the contours of the leg and to reduce pressure on the injury site in the event of swelling
Universal design fits right or left foot and features a soft, washable liner

Purchase  $150.00
Weekly Hire N/A

Deluxe Walker With Hand Brakes and Seat

Height Adjustable Orthopedic Handles
Squeeze or Lock Down Hand Brakes
Wheel Size 7" x 1.25"
Seat Height 22"
Available in Burgundy, Blue and Green
Maximum Weight Capacity 100kg

Purchase  $179.95
Weekly Hire $9.00
Standard Wheelchair

Fixed Footrest
Breathable Nylon upholstery
18" Wide Seat
8" Front Solid Wheels
24" Rear Tyre
Maximum Weight Capacity 100Kg
Various Models Available

Purchase from   $299.95
Weekly Hire $30.00
Deluxe Folding Walker (Static)

Adjustable Height
High Cross Bar for Over Toilet Use
Folds for Easy Storage
Maximum Weight Capacity 114kg
2 Wheels Available ($29.95)

Purchase  $99.95
Weekly Hire $9.00
Underarm Crutches

Adjustable Height
Child 4'0" - 4'8"
Youth 4'7" - 5'3"
Adult 5'2" - 5'10"
Tall Adult 5'10" - 6'6"
Maximum weight Capacity 160Kg

Purchase  $69.95
Weekly Hire $9.00
Forearm Crutches

Adjustable Height
Child 4'4" - 5'1"
Small 4'7" - 5'4"
Medium 5'4" - 6'1"
Large 5'6" - 6'3"
Maximum weight Capacity 100Kg

Purchase  $79.95
Weekly Hire $9.00
Walking Stick

Available in T shaped Handle, Anatomical Grip, Swan Neck and Crook
Adjustable Height
Folding or expanding
Black or Bronze

Purchase  $25.00
Weekly Hire $7.00
Walking Stick With Seat

Folding Seat
Blow Moulded Seat
Maximum Weight Capacity 100Kg

Purchase  $40.00
Weekly Hire $9.00
Tri Wheeled Walker

Adjustable Orthapedic Handles
Hand Brakes

Purchase  $179.95
Weekly Hire $9.00