Slip Cure
Slip Cure is a Floor Safety Treatment providing effective slip resistance in wet areas such as entrance halls, front porches, bathrooms, laundries or any other slippery area.
This treatment is suitable for all forms of floor grade quarry, ceramic / porcelain tiles, terazzo, marble & polished granite, smooth stone / brick surfaces, some types of slate and smooth unpainted concrete.
Slip Cure will not desecrate the surface or the grouting system of the are treated and subject to proper cleaning being maintained, will not require a further treatment for up to 10 years plus, making it the longest lasting of all floor treatments.
Slip Cure Bath is another effective permanent slip reduction product specially designed for porcelain enamel baths.
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Grab Rail Installation
Bettacare can supply grab rail's and arrange for installation in your home, please contact one of our friendly staff for a quote.